Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2014
Competition Rules & Info


The “Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2014” competition will be held on January 16th 2014 at “Olympic Voodoo Casino“ in Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija, 55 Elizabetes street in the city of Riga, Latvia. “Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2014” is a part of World Flair Association’s Grand Slam 2014.

Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2014 will have a qualification round and the finals. Time limit is 4 minutes for the qualification round and 6 minutes for the finals. Each participant will have to make 2 cocktails. One is to be done using working flair technique and the other – using exhibition flair technique (drink recipe regulations are provided further in the rules). General sponsor of the event is “Olympic Casino Latvia”. Supporters – “Monin”, Latvian Bartenders Federation,

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1. General Rules

1.1. All bartenders are required to attend the registration meeting at on January 16th 2014 at 10.00 at the practise area (conference hall on the 2nd floor in the hotel “Radisson Blu Latvija”)
1.2. All competing bartenders as well as their supporters must be at least 18 years of age. Note that competition is held in a casino. Law of the Republic of Latvia states that a person must be at least 18 years old to enter a casino and a valid ID has to be presented. For residents of Latvia ID is passport, identification card or drivers licence, for all foreign guests of the casino only passport or ID card is accepted.
1.3. Participants have to fill the registration form and send it to until January 6th. Registration could be closed earlier due to reach of maximum number of participants. The registration form is available online at The number of participants is limited to 50 bartenders max.
1.4. After succeeding the maximums number of participants “waiting list” will be made and in a case someone is stepping out of the competition, bartenders from the “waiting list” will be offered to participate in order of registration time. “Waiting list” will be valid until January 6th 24:00.
1.5. Participation fee is 50 EUR and must be paid during the registration meeting.
1.6. Before registering all competitors (except those who have already done it before) have to register at in order to open their account in WFA and become members of the “World Flair Association”. Becoming a member of WFA is free of charge and that is needed to update everyone’s Grand Slam points earned at every Grand Slam competition.
1.7. Competing bartenders will not be allowed to wear logos of any companies conflicting with the sponsors of the event.
1.8. There will be competition T-shirts provided for each participant (please specify the size in the registration forms). Participants must wear them while performing on the stage.
1.9. Music must be provided at the registration meeting in CD Audio format (not MP3) and in its own case, properly labelled with your starting number, name and track number. It is highly recommended that you bring more than one copy of your music with you in case it is damaged or unreadable. Organizers and event staff are not responsible for damaged or unreadable music.
1.10. Competition sponsors (products) include: Monin
1.11. All bartenders have to compete with their own drink creation.
1.12. The new WFA scoring system will be used, but it currently under construction. As soon as it will be ready it will be posted on and sent to all the contestants personally via email provided in registration forms.
1.13. WFA gradings will be awarded. Bartenders who will qualify in top 6 will get a purple WFA grading and the top 3 bartenders – a black WFA grading. Detailed information and description of WFA gradings can be found here.
1.14. All rules and guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of the competition organisers.
1.15. Any violation of these rules may result in disqualification from the competition.
1.16. Any acts that display low integrity, poor taste or disrespect for the competition, sponsors or the host facility are subject to disqualification from the competition.

2. Flair Rules

2.1. Each participant will have four minutes of show time in the qualifying round, six minutes of show time in the final round.
2.2. The competitors are free to use any bottles they wish, as long as they have their labels off and stickered (except Monin syrups and purees). The organizers will provide different stickers in order to mark different liqueurs. All bottles are competitors’ responsibility.
2.3. In qualification and the finals bartenders have to make their own cocktail recipe in two portions. Bartenders has to use both working and exhibition flair for making those cocktails. The balance between working and exhibition flair is decided by each bartender individually (like always). It is possible to have one ingredient filled in working flair bottles, and the rest used in exhibition flair. (For example – you have 2 bottles of vodka for working flair, and six of liqueur for exhibition flair). It is not necessary to make each portion of the cocktail separately, for example, if the drink is shaken – it is allowed to use one shaker for both drinks.
2.4. Time for setting up the bar on the stage in the qualifying round is max. 5 minutes for each participant.
2.5. All bottles used in the working flair must be set in at least half full
2.6. All bottles used in the exhibition flair must be set in at least 15ml (1/2oz) of liquid
2.7. All bottles (except Monin syrups and purees) must have their original sponsor brand labels taken off and replaced with the competition stickers.
2.8. No empty bottles can be included in the competition bar set up.
2.9. A Spill Stop #285-50 metal pour spout is required on the working flair bottles. Any free flowing pour spout can be used on all exhibition flair bottles. Pour spouts can taped in place, as long as they are not restricting the flow of liquid. Organizers are not providing participants with pour spouts.
2.10. All the ingredients for the cocktail (including garnishes) must be provided by the competitors themselves.
2.11. There will be some of the basic bartending tools provided, like ice scoop, strainer, bar spoon, muddler, boston tin and a mixing glass and blender, but it is recommended to bring your own bartending equipment in order to prevent disappointment and failure.
2.12. Bartenders can set up the competition bar (portable bar station – see the picture in the appendix 1) any way they choose, but it is highly recommended that nothing starts on the upper bar surface to help with visibility for both the audience and the judges.
2.13. No fire tricks of any kind will be allowed.
2.14. Live scoring system will be used (the same as last year) and each participant scores will be shown after the next performance on the stage, for example, number 1 will know his score after number 2, and number 2 after number 3 etc. There will be current leader board shown during the heats so each bartender can now his score instantly. The scores will submitted from each judge electronically via safe network connection.
2.15. Top ten from qualifying advances to the Finals. The points from qualification are not added up.

3. IMPORTANT!!! Recipe rules & guidelines

3.1. Every bartender has to compete with their own original recipe which is going to be made on the stage.
3.2. No more than 6 ingredients shall be used, at least one of them has to be product from “Monin” non-alcoholic range (only syrups, sauces, concentrates and purees – see the appendix 2 for specifications), regarding the other ingredients – you are free to use any product available in market all over the world.
3.3. Garnishes must be simple, edible and readily available in most bars.
3.4. Recipes must be expressed in centilitres, divided in respectively whole numbers (1cl, 2cl, 3cl, etc.) and/or half numbers (0,5cl, 1,5cl, 2,5cl, etc.), dashes, drops or bar spoons being the smallest quantities.
3.5. It is allowed to use any method (build, stir, blend, shake, and muddle) for cocktail preparation.
3.6. Homemade ingredients and garnishes are not allowed.
3.7. Pre-mixed ingredients are not allowed. It is necessary to make the drink on the stage from the ingredients indicated in the recipe. Judges will randomly check competitors and their bottles on stage if the liquid there is the one stated by the bartender’s recipe. In the case of failure the cocktail is not going to be tasted and bartender will be marked “0” points in tasting section. Organizers will provide stickers in different colours in order to mark different ingredients.
3.8. All the ingredients and garnishes, except Monin products from the list are participants’ responsibility.
3.9. All the preparation has to be done in the practise area, and there is no time limit for that. Juice press and blender will be provided for preparing ingredients and garnishes.
3.10. The organizers will supply two types of glassware – collins type 375 ml and martini type 150 ml glasses (the pictures of them can be found in appendix 3). However participants are encouraged to be as creative as possible and are allowed to use their own glassware for their cocktails.
3.11. The amount of scores for the cocktails will be announced together with the new WFA scoring system, but the ratio between max points cocktail/flair will be 1/6. It is divided into subsections :

  • Appearance –(chosen glassware, cocktail colour, garnish)
  • Aroma – (intensity and variety of flavors)
  • Taste – (balance, compatibility, versatile taste, aftertaste)
  • Originality/creativity – (innovative methods or/and ingredients, distinctive recipe)

3.12. There are going to be three international, professional tasting judges invited to give their marks for the drink creations on stage. These people will be chosen for their professionalism and experience in mixology events all over the globe. Each bartender’s score will be the average from these three tasting judges. The tasting panel will be open (judges will see the bartenders performing) and different for the qualification round and for the finals.
3.13. For the alcoholic ingredients the bartenders are allowed to use any glass bottle available in the world and as many different glass bottles as needed (it doesn’t have to be original bottle of the drink one is using, for example, it is allowed to put gin in a rum bottle and so on). Since there are no sponsors from alco-beverages side, all the labels have to be taken off of the bottles and replaced with competition stickers (will be provided for each competitor)
3.14. Juices have to be stored in store&pours, squeezers or any other container that is used for everyday work behind the bar without having any branded labels on it (1 L paper packs or similar packaging shouldn’t be used).
3.15. All the other ingredients have to have their labels off. Or covered if it is impossible.
3.16. The organizers will provide “Monin” products from the range indicated in the apex. In order to prevent failure and disappointment bartenders are asked to state in the registration forms the Monin product which is going to be used in the recipe. Monin syrups and concentrates will have spill Stop #285-50 metal pour spout in it (and will be ¾ to ½ full and will be given to each bartender personally in the backstage area 2-3 participants prior before going on the stage.
3.17. Organizers will provide both crushed and cubed ice.
3.18. Drinks recipes must be sent together with the registration forms to until January 6th
3.19. Tasting will occur in both – qualification and the finals.

4. “Big Ass Move” competition rules

4.1. Bartenders who will qualify in 11. – 15. place will have a chance to participate in the “Big Ass Move” (BAM) competition with a prize of 100 Eur.
4.2. Each bartender will get three attempts to land his/her biggest move.
4.3. The move has to be the same in all of the attempts.
4.4. If the move is landed it will be judged and there are no more attempts for the participant.
4.5. Judges will give a score from 1 – 10. Whoever gets the highest score wins.
4.6. If the move is not landed in none of the three attempts participant is out of the competition.
4.7. Before the BAM competition bartenders will be asked to state how many objects his/her move will consist of and after that draw their starting number for BAM competition.

5. “ Viewers Choice” award

5.1. The competition is going to be broadcasted live all over the world via Each viewer has a chance to cast their vote to their favourite bartender. The voting is going to take place throughout the qualification round and also in the finals. The winner will be announced in the awards ceremony.

6. “Best cocktail” award

6.1. The cocktail that will get the most points from the tasting jury will be awarded a 100 Eur prize. Only the scores from the elimination round will be taken into consideration.

7. “Monin Special” award

7.1. “Monin” representatives will be looking for the best trick with “Monin”. You will not loose any score by just simply pouring the chosen Monin product, but if you do something extra with “Monin” what will catch the eyes of “Monin” people, you have a chance on winning a special prize from them.

8. Online draw for running order

8.1. On the 7th of January (once the registration is officially closed) a special draw will be made and aired online to sort out the running order of the qualification round. The running order will be picked from three groups based on their WFA grading level.
This event will be broadcasted online @ and everybody is more than welcome to watch it.
The running order will be published immediately on and

9. Schedule

The schedule of the competition on Thursday, January 16, 2014:

  • 9.00 – 10.00 Registration
  • 10.00 Briefing
  • 11.00 Start of the competition/qualification
  • 20.00 Finals
  • 24.00 Awards ceremony
  • 00.15 …I don’t know
  • Afterparty in club “Coyote Fly”

10. Registration

10.1. To register participant needs to fill the registration form and send it to together with the recipe until January 6th to reserve their spot to the competition.
10.2. If for some reason somebody is not sure of his/her participation, please do not register as the number of participants is limited.
10.3. If a participant has already been registered but for some reason it is not possible for him/her to participate, please let the organizers know ASAP (phone, mail, Facebook etc.), otherwise the participant will not be allowed to participate in next year’s event.
10.4. All bartenders are required to attend the registration meeting on January 16th 2014 at 10.00 at the practise area (conference hall on the 2nd floor in the hotel “Radisson Blu Latvija)

11. Hotel & Venue

11.1. Official hotel of “Olympic Casino Flair Mania 2014” is “Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija”. A special offer for participants – 168 EUR per double room for two night’s stay (Participants are asked to share the room with other participant, so if somebody already knows with whom he/she would love to share the room with, please specify that in registration form). The competition venue is located in the same building.
11.2. You can visit the hotel`s website
11.3. Hotel is located at 55 Elizabetes street, Riga, Latvia. Map –
11.4. The participants who are in need of a hotel room are kindly asked to register as soon as possible to reserve their room. Please write all the necessary information in the registration forms.
11.5. The competition will take place in Olympic Voodoo Casino. You can visit a virtual tour of the casino here

12. Prize Money

  • The prize money is 6000 EUR
  • Top 6 finalists will receive cash prize and top three will also get a trophy.
  • 1st place 2500€ + trophy
  • 2nd place 1200€ + trophy
  • 3rd place 800€ + trophy
  • 4th place 500€
  • 5th place 400€
  • 6th place 300€
  • “Big Ass Move” prize 100€
  • “ viewers choice” prize 100€
  • “Best cocktail” award 100€

13. Tasting


Appearance – The chosen glassware and general visual appearance of a cocktail and garnish affect its appeal and points will be awarded accordingly.

Aroma – The intensity and variety of flavors of the cocktail should be appealing and entice the drinker.

Taste – A perfectly balanced cocktail is divine. Is the drink too sour, too sweet or is it superbly balanced? How long is the aftertaste? Can you feel all the ingredients and how the different tastes play with each other?

Originality/creativity – Competitors must prepare original cocktail and points should be awarded for innovative methods or/and ingredients and distinctive recipe.


Appendix 1

Pictures of the bar station

Appendix 2

MONIN Products
SYRUPS (0,7 L glass bottle)

Apple Pie
Black Forest
Blood Orange
Blue Curaçao
Bubble Gum
Caribbean (Rum flavour)
Cherry Plum
Chocolate Cookie
Cotton Candy
Crème Brûlée
Elder Flower
French Vanilla
Gin flavour
Glasco Lemon
Green Apple
Green Banana
Green Mint

Hot Spicy
Lemon Pie
Macadamia Nut
Maple Spice
Matcha Green Tea
Mojito Mint
Passion Fruit
Pink Grapefruit
Pure Cane Sugar
Roasted Hazelnut
Spicy Mango
Sweet Woodruff
Tequila Flavour
Toffee Nut
White Chocolate
Yellow Banana

FRUIT SMOOTHIE & COCKTAIL MIX (1 L plastic bottle)

  • Banana
  • Coconut
  • Kiwi
  • Mango
  • Passion fruit
  • Peach
  • Raspberry
  • Red Berries
  • Strawberry

CONCENTRATES (0,7 L glass bottle)

  • Bitter
  • Chai Tea
  • Lemon Tea
  • Lime Juice Bar Mixer
  • Lime juice
  • Mango Tea
  • Peach Tea
  • Rantcho Lemon
  • Raspberry Tea
  • Sweet&Sour

GOURMET SAUCE (0,5 L plastic bottle)

  • Caramel Sauce
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • White Chocolate Sauce
  • Chocolate Hazelnut

Appendix 3
Glassware supplied by organizers (remember that you can use your
own glassware).

  • Collins – Boston 375 ml
  • Cocktail glass – Embassy 150 ml

See You all in Riga.

Contact for additional info:
Ivars Rutkovskis
Ph. +371 26872934

Registration closed!